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Lahaina Kōkua

Join FareHarbor in helping to support tour operators and their communities in Lahaina. Offer aid directly to small business owners, employees, and their families as they recover from the losses caused by the Maui wildfires.

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Kōkua (3)

The Hawaiian word “Kōkua” means to offer help with no consideration for personal gain.

Lahaina Kōkua is an opportunity for you to provide aid directly to local businesses who were impacted by these devastating fires. To better help operators affected by the disaster, your donation to these FareHarbor tour operators makes a real impact on the lives of those affected by the Maui wildfires in Lahaina.

Many of the over 100 small businesses affected are invested in protecting Hawaii’s natural resources and staying connected to their communities. Learn more about each operator and donate today!

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Our Operators

a man standing next to a body of waterWhen the fires broke out at Lahaina Harbor, Lovitt used her tour boat to rescue survivors and transport people to safety. Like many tour operators in Maui, she acted quickly to help her community during the terrible tragedy.

Since the devastation of the Maui wildfires, the priorities of our local tour operators have changed. Their employees are not only without jobs, they have lost their homes. Community members are coming together to help restore what was lost, and our local tour operators are helping to lead the charge. Your donation makes these restoration efforts possible by supporting the over 100 FareHarbor-affiliated small businesses affected.


At FareHarbor, we are more than just a booking platform — we are part of the tight-knit ‘ohana of local businesses in Hawaii. Founded in Hawaii, we’ve seen the passion and aloha spirit that our local tour operators pour into their work. They have deep connections to the local community and many are committed to preserving the island’s diverse ecology. Sadly, the heart-wrenching wildfires in Lahaina and Maui have left many of our friends and partners facing unimaginable challenges. This tragedy has threatened the lifelines of these small, locally-owned businesses, the heart and soul of Lahaina’s community.

Immediate Assistance is Required: Beyond the widespread environmental damage, the toll on the local Lahaina community is heart-wrenching. Many of our ‘ohana now lack homes, power, and essential necessities. The demand for medical supplies, food, and shelter is immense as local tour operators and their community rally together to help one another through this crisis.

What Is FareHarbor Doing?

Donating to the Maui Strong Fund at the Hawai’i Community Foundation, ensuring quick financial aid with a focus on rapid response and recovery in Maui.

Contributing to the World Central Kitchen (WCK), who are on the ground providing essentials like food and water. Their efforts have already resulted in over 16,000 meals for first responders, displaced residents, and visitors.

How Can You Help?

Support Immediate Relief: We have partnered with to establish a dedicated platform for personal donations to the Maui Strong Fund and the World Central Kitchen. Please consider donating to support our operators in need and help spread the word.

Support Local Businesses: We have set this site up to process direct donations to our partners in and around Maui. By donating to our FareHarbor clients, you’re not just supporting a business; you’re embracing a community, mending a dream, and preserving the spirit of Hawaii. They need our aloha now more than ever. Help Support Small Businesses>>